About Sky Line MBC

Drive efficiencies with effective clinical procedures that let you do more with less.

Who We Are​

We are a client-centric company with more than 20 years of knowledge in providing top-quality Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and medical billing services. SkyLine MBC provides a comprehensive suite of healthcare IT products and services with a committed and world-class team of experts at the helm.
SkyLine MBC has expanded its services over the years to service healthcare facilities on a broader scale. Our integrated products and services go beyond mere medical billing and coding to improving patient-physician engagement, strengthen security over transmission of data and provide a deep analysis and insight to an organization’s operations.

Improved Operations

SkyLine MBC stay on top of ever-changing regulations and insurance reimbursement policies that is why it has been successful in streamlining claims management and reimbursement for its large client base.

Integrated Solutions

skyline mbc an expert medical billing company provides comprehensive and high-tech Medical Billing services to healthcare organizations and individual providers throughout the United States.

Ahead of The Curve

In today’s competitive world, SkyLine MBC fulfills the need of healthcare organizations to improve clinical workflows, increase profitability, boost patients’ experience and cut operational costs.

Committed to Deliver Quality and Cost-Effective Service

SkyLine MBC offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based free EHR, RCM and Practice Management systems in supporting thousands of medical providers  in delivering enhanced care to millions of patients. With a high class satisfaction rate, SkyLine MBC goes above and beyond to deliver quality customer experience with its cloud-based software solutions to small, independent medical practices. SkyLine MBC offers services to make healthcare better for everyone.

These practices employ the Skyline mbc platform to accomplish optimal care tasks and improve healthcare outcomes, reduce operational costs, and improve the patient experience.

Why Skyline mbc?​

sky line mbc comprises a team of certified and enthusiastic professionals with over 20 years of experience in the medical billing industry, information technology, and business consulting. Our leadership team has served several hospitals, medical practices of all sizes, laboratories, and individual physicians over the last decade.

  • A respected name in the healthcare industry with skilled resources to decreased denials and improve cash flow.
  • The only trusted HIPAA-compliant medical billing service that offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based free EHR, RCM and Practice Management Solutions.
  • We ensure complete accuracy and quality that have made us capable of growing hundreds of successful partnerships with hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.
  • Our IT team is available 24/7 to provide technical assistance as well as their expertise to improve cash flow and staff efficiency.